What We Do

Financing, logistics, service....

As a diversified Trading House, we can add value to your business. With our strong financials and the support of the world's leading financial institutions, we can offer attractive financing options to manufacturers and end users around the world. If you have customers that you are not able to provide financing or credit to, we can help. How does it work?

1. We will buy the goods on CAD basis

2. We will re-sell the goods to your customer on a cost+ basis, providing the customer with credit (eg. 90 days from shipment date)

Customers in developing countries do not have access to low finance rates; we can offer this arbitrage at attractive rates to expand your business. Contact us to get the full details and start growing your business.


Your customers expect you to deliver superb image quality every time. Anything less impacts their brand and your business. With Universal Paper you can rely on our high quality and consistent paper and film  products for superior image quality every time. With fast delivery and no hassle service for small or large quantities, we can meet your needs.

Value for money, consistent film and board products and predictable lead time are non-negotiable in the packaging business. Universal Paper is focused on ensuring you get the consistently high-quality products you need with predictable lead times.

For over forty years we have been servicing the printing, packaging, and paper making industries, and we now have customers in over fifty countries on six continents. Our relationships with paper mills and suppliers has been built on mutual respect and integrity in our business dealings. We have dedicated offices in Canada, the United States, Brazil, and India, all staffed with knowledgeable people eager to satisfy our customers’ needs as well as agents located around the world.