About Us

Based in Montreal, Universal Paper is an international wholesaler with over 40 years experience in the forestry, packaging, petrochemicals, plastics, and ceramics industries. We provide printers, packaging companies, film converters and others with high quality industrial paper, board, film and related products.

Dedicated to Service

As a family-owned enterprise, we take immense pride in delighting our customers with a unique service experience. By working with Universal Paper you can be confident that issues will be resolved to your satisfaction both before and after the sale.  

Supply Chain Management

Given the highly competitive environment you face, it is critical that you get a high quality product to your premises on time and at a competitive price. We can do this since we have expertise in international logistics and source from a dependable network of suppliers. 

Relationships Matter

We believe in developing long-term customer relationships which is why we have been successful in the print and packaging business for the last 40 years. As a broker we have access to economies of scale, logistics and preferential pricing that we can pass on to our customers.